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中國 · 成都 · 麓湖生態城



LuxelakesEco-City isan international new town supported by the scarce ecological resources, whichintegrates high-end residence, high-end industry, leisure and entertainment.



Luxelakes is the first high-end demonstration area built inthe national level area - Tianfu New Area.Luxelakes is bisected by Tianfu Avenue - a50 km long city axis road, at south of Chengdu, and two metro stations of MetroLine 1 are under construction. Therefore, it’s quite easy to reach Luxelakes. Besides,you can drive to the new airport and old airport in 30 min from Luxelakes. 


Up to now, nearly 50 design studios and over 100 renowneddesigners from the world channeled their wisdoms to Luxelakes.



Totalplanning area of Luxelakes is over 8300 mu (appr. 5,530,000.00㎡).Its city-scale planning makes integration of residence andliving possible here. 



The planning area of Luxelakes industrial complex is about1600 mu (1,060,000.00㎡), gross building area of which stands at 1.5 million squaremeters.
The industrial complex is composed of headquarters economy,creative industry (inclusive of tourism) and comprehensive business service,which is an important component of the Tianfu Avenue. 



▼Business& Office units of Luxelakes starting parcels have been partially built(rendering)   


▼ Miscellaneous Supporting Facilities Around Luxelakes



Luxelakes is formed by channellingthe water from Dujiangyan to its original shallow hilly terrain. Its water areais about 2100 mu (1.4 million square meter), exceeding the total lake area of Chengdu 5 main districts.Therefore, water is the ecological ‘blood’ to nuture Luxelakes industry and residence. 



Luxelakes spreads as thecoral on the land, which plans approximate 30kmwaterway and 40kmlake shoreline. The water crawls to every corner of Luxelakes and spawns moreintimate links among buildings, and people’s daily life and work.

▼ Real Luxelakes 


Through cooperation with NanjingInstitute of Geography & Limnology of Chinese Academyof Sciences, it takes more than ten years to research and cultivate Luxelakeswater ecological system. Once the water eco-system is established, we assignedprofessional team to manage it. By now, we nearly complete ecological treatmentto Phase 1 lake (appr. 300,000.00㎡), water visibility of which can reach2-3 meters and able to main grade II water quality of surface water in 5 years. 




Water, wetland, grassland and forest are key elements ofshaping the eco-park and complete eco-system in Luxelakes.
▼Hand-sketched Masterplan of Luxelakes


Forrest is sprawled as blood vessel inthe garden area of Luxelakes, buildings and roads are well-arranged by sides ofthe vein. Landscapes with various themes are designed to suit various lifestyles, which not only brings the nature back to the residents, but also couldarouse their interests to outdoor exploring. To live here, green is not onlyfor watching, but for playing, which will be part of resident’s daily life.


Phase I of the Luxelakes Hongshi (redrock) Park makes use of local red sandstone and slightly sloped terrain aslandscaping basis, and takes Butchart Gardens ofCanadaas the sample. The park areplanted with 208 species of plants, equipped with various functional zones tosuit needs of different ages, including children’s wonderland, camphor chessforest, family BBQ, wetland patch, sports garden and etc.



Thorough and comprehensive research on living status ofpeople in different ages guarantee every one capable of enjoying living inLuxelakes.
Through studying psychological and behavioralhabits of children aged 0-18 years old, a diversified spaces featuring in naturaleducation, growing education, children games, children activities and etc arecreated.

▼Childrenactivity space in Luxelakes Hongshi Park  


▼Children activity space in lakefront area  





Each building in Luxelakes is an unique artwork and the mostspecial scenery.

▼Black Pearl, high-end and low-density product in thelakefront area
   黑珍珠 | 濱湖區頂級低密產品

▼Peace Creek, A ‘space capsule’ Landing in Luxelakes
    隱溪岸 | 麓湖水岸的太空艙


Blue Flowers Islet, Toy Blocks that Breathing 

  藍花嶼 | 會呼吸的積木



▼Magnolia Platform, Classical Santa Barbarastyle

   白玉臺 | 經典圣芭芭拉




Crystal Laputa, the Top-grade High-rise Residential Buildingsin Lakefront Area

   麒麟薈 | 濱湖區頂級高層產品

Lake Voice Bay, Melodyfrom the Rocks and Waterfalls

   瀾語溪岸 | 山石水瀑的詩篇





▼Luxelakes Art Expo Center,Crazy Rocks

   藝展中心 | 瘋狂的石頭



Q1, Snake Bridge 




Luxelakes Eco-city

 A future city for modern people

麓湖來自明天   獻給今天的理想城市


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